Custom Software Development

New Development

Depending on your needs, we use a phased approach to help you accomplish your short- and long-term goals within your budget and timeline. Big Green leverages our expertise to help you obtain your ultimate result - whether it's a proof of concept that's built for sale or a scalable total solution, we can make your envisioned solution a reality.

When You Need Us the Most.

Big Green has a proven record of helping clients - quickly - stabilize and improve their systems when potentially negative user situations arise. In addition, Big Green can take your existing software product to the next level. We've helped clients to increase their data processing speed by over 90%, improve their user experience by simplifying the work flow and expand to allow for new functionality and offerings.

Latest Innovations

Close sales in minutes not months

Big Green built an intuitive web-based solution that allows sales reps to generate project estimates and 3D drawings to quickly close sales.

Big Green built a web-based tool that would allow its manufacturing client’s sales team to easily generate project estimates while on-site with a customer, including to-scale 3D drawings and a materials list based on project specifications they gathered while collaborating with their client. Ultimately, the sales tool greatly reduced the turnaround time for purchase order responses, allowed the sales person to leverage the knowledge of a virtual senior-level engineer during the early phases of sales process, and minimized overhead expenses for sales training and software licensing.


Turning data into action

Big Green developed an interactive dashboarding and proactive notification system utilizing real-time financial data.

Big Green developed a web-based solution that took large quantities of mutual fund data and made it actionable. Through our collaborative process, Big Green worked with our entrepreneurial client to create an interactive dashboarding and proactive notification system that utilized real-time financial data. This solution ultimately provided managers with instant monitoring for essential decisioning opportunities that resulted in positive portfolio financials.


Taking Solutions to the Next Level

Big Green helped clients modernize their existing systems and expand their functionality to meet the needs of their rapidly growing businesses.

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to start from scratch. Big Green combines our broad knowledge of technology with an open mind to the needs of our industry leading clients in shipping/logistics, financial consulting and education (just to name a few). Whether stabilizing databases for scalability, making vital system upgrades for greater flexibility, or building new modules that handle evolving workflows: Big Green enabled our clients to sleep at night by maintaining their current system while transitioning into their desired technical state…within budget, within timeline and resulting in minimal to no user impact.