CaST ™- Capture Sales Tool- A Big Green Product

CaSt your opportunities and Capture. Clientize. Close. sales


CaSt is a customized web solution that reflects your models/products- including pricing, business rules, multiple product options/restraints - so quotes are created instantly. CaST is not only a great tool for senior sales members and engineers; it is a great training tool for new and junior sales members since the product features, filtering, best practices have been pre-loaded.


While with a potential client, CaST enables you to make real-time edits that are updated instantly- within minutes and accounts for product defaults, filtering, and restraints – dramatically reducing specification errors.


After a project has been clientized, a high level Bill of Materials and 3d visual layout including the client’s actual floorplan, model, etc., is available so that sale is closed in minutes- not months.


The CaST web solution is accessible as a secure website or lauched through SalesForce so all opportunites are tracked. All pricing is current because CaST integrates with your catalog and pricing system – so you experience your product catalog in real-time.


Your Product Information loaded into CaST


Load Client's floorplan or set area for coverage


Close Sale with high- level Bill of Materials, 3d visual of project and any support


Input into Product Wizard to determine model/product options


Clientize project instantly with the client (only approved editing options, and customizations are available to reduce errors)