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Client Snapshots:

Our entrepreneurial client dreamt of THE solution that would simplify the governance of mutual fund monitoring. Big Green helped him realize that dream by providing the consulting and partnership approach he needed to make his dream a reality through creating simple to read dashboards that provided proactive status notification. As the solution became a standard among his client base, Big Green further refined the product efficiency, allowing it to manage data automation on a massive scale.

A dedicated partner throughout the entire development process, our client sold his company to a Fortune 100 financial institution. Big Green is proud of their contribution to turn a visionary's dream into a reality.

Already successful with her vision of how to use technology to update a conservative market, our client needed her product to be "industrial-strength" so that it could easily be expanded and the technology could handle the expanded bandwidth. Big Green refined the solution so that it could easily provide additional channels while ensuring the proper security and management were in place.

With Big Green's technical consulting and expertise, she is expanding into multiple verticals and revolutionizing conservative industries at a staggering rate.

Providing expert planning and consulting as well as product software and hardware maintenance is required for product functionality; ensuring "skin-in-the-game" customer service to the direct and indirect customer is what provides product market longevity. Our client found that whatever the request, Big Green is able to find the right solution since we are passionate about our clients and think of our clients' products and their clients as an extension of our own.

We believe exceeding expectations is the only option.

Big Green believes that marketing can be a profit center, not a cost center, if provided the right technology. Using multiple front-end and back-end workflows, our client needed to ensure all their users are accessing the right marketing and communication materials from multiple access points. Big Green added additional functionality that when appropriate, allows for personalized client materials while still maintaining corporate or compliance- approved text.

When users are able to easily access and personalize materials, new clients are obtained. Big Green provides the solution to obtain staggering results such as 94.8%* time to market (creation to client delivery) improvement.

  * - client testimonial available

Here are some of the clients representing the various industries we serve...

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