Protecting Your "Brand" Across the Enterprise
...with Flexibility for Powerful, Local Market Customization.

EVE is a "collaborative" marketing web solution that helps companies preserve the integrity of their brand while providing the flexibility to enable users to select, customize and order corporate-approved marketing & collateral materials for prospects and clients. EVE is very easy to use and has helped save millions of dollars for organizations on three levels:

the enterprise level

By ensuring their corporate brand is always protected and used correctly by all employees throughout.

the regional level

Allows for "controlled customization" so modifications can be made for unique market customization.

the client level

Allows inclusion of client-specific additions - logos and personalized communications.

Eve Chart

Unlike basic brand and asset management or document repositories, EVE delivers a total sales and marketing solution- above and beyond a single deliverable or asset category. EVE works for your company driving total standardization across multimedia platforms and deliverables for all internal and external clients.

EVE is a hosted, SaaS model. Big Green provides total client support, training and implementation with a dedicated team.